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Top 5 Best Pool and Snooker Games For Android 6 years ago

The further realism is the higher, the greater the opponent, the higher, and so on. As with other game titles, there are scores of names vying for attention, but as usual, I've been through them and hand-picked just the best.

Aside from the distinction between pool and snooker (in case you do not understand this, then perhaps the guide isn't for you!), there's the distinction between the various variations of swimming (9 balls, 8 balls, and so on) and there is the critical option of human competitions online versus AI opponents within the game. In the top 5, I've attempted to show a balance together with all possibilities -- there's something here for every fan of this cue.

Micro Pool

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Unusually carrying the 'portrait' perspective, it works quite brightly, to the point where you wonder why all other pools and snooker games do not do the same -- it is just supremely comfy. The tradeoff is that it is a standard 'top-down', i.e., 2D view, but Micro Pool makes up for it using balls that are immaculately rendered and animated, you'll think that they're physically inside your smartphone display and that you can, in the event that you wished, reach in and pluck out them.

The port is manual planning, apparently, plus you'll be able to set one of four spin types (but not the potency of each), together with the desired cue power. Merely to make things challenging, you obtain a cue aiming lineup but no corresponding contact point or management for the object ball. As in the actual world, this usually means that not every shot goes where you want it to go.

Micro Pool is a 'casual' game in that there aren't any high score tables or internet leagues, or similar. Having a selection of 8 ball or 9 ball rules, you play for the sake of playing, in bizarre minutes, and... you will enjoy the experience.

Pool Bar HD

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In this best five by the sheer atmosphere, Pool Bar HD is minimalist in the grand scheme of things, like Micro Pool over, with no over-arching aspirations or high scores, but what it does have in spades is ambiance. In the flickering neon lights in the menus to the superbly rendered seedy pub surroundings to the TV-style perspectives for great pots to the jangly music to the chatter from additional bar occupants, even a TV in the background, you are there.

As a pool game, there is a selection of three versions, three difficulty levels, and four characters/opponents, so plenty to get your teeth into. Aiming is marginally broad road brush you do have to add spin to your liking, you get to view ball contact points, and cue striking is 'analog' in which you pull back and then swipe forward when prepared. Bonus points to the programmers for placing a 'free perspective,' in which you'll be able to view the table (and the bar) from any angle that you want, and a top-down perspective, for a better strategy.

8 Ball Pool

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The focus here is all about playing different people online, with a barrage of offers, monies, ways to build up virtual cash in many different online means but trust me, it's worth it in the end. You have to play against real people around the planet, virtual gambling money using entry fees for random matches in many of areas that are themed, with increasing stakes. It is winner takes all, and there's a palppalpableitement when a game is in progress.

As you may expect, given the digital cash element, there are strategies to both buy this with real-world money and also to buy virtual things (e.g. better cues), the aim being to input progressively larger and more significant tournaments, where you are immersed for hours at a time against internet players trying to win severe amounts of dough.

Although the playing interface is not ideal, being high down and with large bezels across the beige, there's good enough planning, ball touch points are displayed, with a brief object ball monitor, and all of this is pitched almost perfectly to ensure no internet experience is too one-sided and always plenty of fun.

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Pool Break Guru

Together with both neighborhood (against the game's AI) and online possibilities, plus every table dimensions variant, every rule variant, each competitor option you could imagine, it is very tough to fault the flexibility of Pool Break Pro. In fact, add Carrom and Crokinole into Pool and Snooker, every together with all their variants, add options of dining table color, desktop, you can even adjust the lighting within the room(!), rooms needs to be the most configurable Android game ever created.

Gameplay is by about aiming the cue, then pulling back to show the line and stage (and optionally, where the object ball goes), adjusting left and right to fine tune the shooter, applying twist or swerve if desired, and then either tap 'Shoot' or just swipe through. It's fairly intuitive, there is a completely free view if you require this, and it is a tremendously competent simulation.

As with 8 Ball Pool over, it's the internet ('community') play that actually excites here though, there always appears to be a wealth of potential opponents from across the world, and a rough and ready 'cash' system functions out who is on the way up and who's on down the road. Now and then you get a clever 'alec' who spends 30 minutes setting up every shot, complete with calculated crazy swerves, but on the whole, it is an excellent gameplay and fun moves together nicely. Recommended.

Against an internet participant, they resorted to the outrageous swerve, which required a complete minute to establish. ROFL!

International Snooker Pro HD

Hands down the most realistic and immersive contender here, the representation of balls, table, movement, TV-style camera angles, and so on are magnificent. How all this is done smoothly on modestly powered Android smartphones is a puzzle, but it's commendable. The audio side of things is superb too, with ultra-realistic contact sounds that remain perfectly in 'sync' constantly.

The port is top notch too, with side panes that change the angle by greater or lesser degrees depending on how high on the screen the swipe is created, i.e., swipe at the bottom for the best control over aiming angle.

Cueball spin is not challenging to swipe to use, ditto cue electricity and then all you have got to do is tap to chalk the cue and then make the shot. Strictly AI opponents here, but this isn't hard to forgive because each 'tournament' that you enter starts you off with easy-to-beat gamers then you're up against the very best by the time you strike the closing. Each frame takes approximately ten minutes to play, not far off this would be in the actual world, but not fear for the game retains perfect track of where you have to, ready to pick a frame/match up again later on.

In conditions of 'alive' the game, International Snooker Pro HD is unparalleled. The difficulty levels are about right regarding challenge, and you will find yourself playing shots that you'd try on a fantastic day at the actual world. And, after a security battle with AI within your smartphone, your jaw will drop at how immersive it all seems.

If I were being picky, I would point to a quirk of the most recent version wherein you need to tap the screen now and then during a competition break to maintain it lit up, or to how competitions can be somewhat thick becoming out of snooker occasionally. But I'm not likely to be picky; I will be generous. Purchase the game, and you'll see why.